Adult Learners' Perception of Adult Functional Literacy Curriculum (AFLC) in Kenya

Susan Wambui Mukiri, Francis Chisikwa Indoshi, Lucas A. Othuon


The purpose of this study was to determine adult learners' perception of AFLC and the reasons for their perception. The study employed the correlation design and was conducted in Kisumu East District in Kenya. The population comprised of 472 adult learners. A sample of 156 adult learners was selected through stratified random sampling. Data was collected through a questionnaire and an interview schedule and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings indicated that adult learners had positive perception towards AFLC and negative perception towards individualized instruction and the lecture method. Males had a stronger perception of the teaching methods than the females. Benefits accruing from AFLC such as knowing how to read and write and performing arithmetic were cited as reasons for positive perception of AFLC. Shortage of facilitators and inappropriate learning environment were reasons cited for negative perception of the individualized instruction and the lecture method. Based on the results, it is advisable that appropriate measures be taken to help learners improve their perception towards the teaching

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